Never Order Takeaway Again!

Have you ever ordered a Chinese Takeaway

And then they tell you it's going to be

45 minutes
Or even longer?

But you're hungry NOW!

Let me show you how you can
cook your own Chinese Takeaway

that is just as good, if not better


Cooking a wide variety of Chinese meals doesn't have to require
a lot of effort, loads of cookbooks, or guesswork


20 Minute Takeaway Hacks
Chinese Edition

A collection of 20 "takeaway" recipes
carefully selected to allow you to
cook your favourite Chinese Takeaways
in your own kitchen
Quicker than you can get it delivered!





Not ready yet? Read on...


 Not only will you learn 20 seriously tasty recipes

Once you have mastered these
you will have the knowledge and skills
that will enable you to cook almost any dish


I will show you what utensils you will need in your kitchen

You will also start to build up a store cupboard full of taste

Can you imagine being able to cook one of these?


Pineapple Chilli Chicken

This pineapple chilli chicken is so full of flavour, you will want to cook it every day of the week!

Chicken Larb

Spiced, minced chicken and Chinese leaf
Perfect on a Friday Night

Dragon Chicken

Super spicy chicken with rice
Succulent pieces of chicken marinated in spices and cooked on the griddle

All of those dishes were cooked in less than 20 minutes!

 Still reading?

Still not quite convinced that it’s right for you?

You may be asking…  

Q. I have never cooked any Chinese meals before! How will I do this?
A. This doesn’t require a lot of effort. Have all the necessary utensils and ingredients lined up, and away you go.  

Q.   I don’t have a wok – is that a problem?  
A.   No problem. You can improvise with a high-sided sauté pan, or deep frying pan/skillet  

Q.   How long will it take?  
A.  The dishes described are all achievable in less than 20 minutes!  

Q.   How healthy are these meals?  
A.  These are not designed to be diet meals. But the absence of artificial flavours will allow you to enjoy a healthier option from home.  

Q.  How will I get the book? 
A.  You will receive an instant download following payment by clicking here.   

Q. Who has created the book? 
A.  The author has been cooking at home and in commercial kitchens for over 50 years. He’s a full-time chef in a flagship restaurant and loves to share his love of creating quick, easy and very tasty food!
And with THIS book he reveals an easy, quick way for you to become an at-home chef in Chinese cuisine!  

Q. What’s in the book?  

A. You like to know what you are getting –   Click on the button below to access a neat €4.99 e-book for instant download containing -
A ‘taste bud tantalising’ assortment of 20 ‘takeaway’ recipes designed by a gourmet chef, each with pictures to tempt you
Utensil checklist
Store cupboard checklist
Ways for creating delicious Chinese food in the comfort of your own home

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